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As breaking news develops, this update from NCALA will be distributed regularly. Continue to stay up to date with the latest information regarding public policy, current Assisted Living regulations, newly introduced laws/bills, and informative educational opportunities throughout our state!

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The NCALA Advisor Issue 21-03

Past Issues

The NCALA Advisor Issue 21-02

The NCALA Advisor Issue 21-01

The NCALA Advisor Issue 20-04

The NCALA Advisor Issue 20-03

The NCALA Advisor Issue 20-02

The NCALA Advisor Issue 20-01

The NCALA Advisor Issue 19-02

The NCALA Advisor Issue 19-01

NCALA Legislative Update Newsletter

Most-recent issue:
NCALA Legislative Update 21-02

Previous Legislative Updates

NCALA Legislative Update 21-01

NCALA Legislative Update 20-02

NCALA Legislative Update 20-01

NCALA Legislative Update 19-05

NCALA Legislative Update 19-04

NCALA Legislative Update 19-03

NCALA Legislative Update 19-02

NCALA Legislative Update 19-01 and an update, NCALA Legislative Update 19-01b

Archive of Other Emails

The following lists are in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top).

Please note that most of our 2020 emails (and 2021, so far) have involved Coronavirus and/or COVID-19, and these emails are listed separately from these (you can find them here).

2021 Emails

FW: New Medicaid Bulletins Available, New SPECIAL COVID-19 Bulletins Available, and Thanksgiving Day Holiday

Argentum Launches New Campaign for Additional Federal Support

Argentum Launches New ‘Don’t Leave Us Behind’ Campaign

Fraudulent Emails

FW: DHSR ACLS Provider Memo—Enterprise 2022 LRA and CHOW Update

FW: ACH Cost Report Reminder—due September 30

Administrator Certification Renewal

FW: Expedited Hardship Advances for Managed Care Providers

FW: Expedited Hardship Advances for Managed Care Providers

FW: DHSR ACLS Provider Memo RE: Enterprise Online License Renewals/CHOWs/Payments

FW: Guidance for Providers Experiencing Payment Issues

Urgent Action Requested!

NCALA Workforce Development Initiative

FW: County DSS Monitoring—FY 21–22

FW: Adult Care Cost Reports

FW: NC Medicaid Open Enrollment Extended Through May 21

Argentum Presses HRSA Administrator to Prioritize Senior Living Relief; President Biden Addresses Nation as Argentum Releases SENIOR Act

FW: NC Medicaid Managed Care Fact Sheet: “Do I Need to Choose a Health Plan?”

FW: Changes to Provider Verification Process in NCTracks Begin May 9, 2021

FW: Announcement from NC DHHS

FW: Choose Your Path to Better Health ad campaign

FW: NC Medicaid's Managed Care Quality Strategy Posted for Public Comment

FW: Tailored Care Management – Provider Manual Addendum

Family Care Homes Deserve ‘Closer Look’ as Viable Alternative to Nursing Homes

FW: NC DHHS Launches Statewide Open Enrollment for NC Medicaid Managed Care

FW: Adult Care Medication Aide Examination Changes

FW: Ebola Update - March 2021

FW: NC Medicaid Enrollment Call Center and Web Site Are Live

Change to AIT Applicant NC Criminal Background Check Process—Live Scan

FW: Medicaid Managed Care Provider Directory and Health Plan Look Up Tool

FW: NC DHHS Awards Contract for Medicaid Managed Care Ombudsman Services

FW: Important Provider Information Regarding the Automated Background Check Management System

Federal Elections Review Webinar and New/Free Argentum Advocates Program; Paycheck Protection Program Application Period Opens in Coming Days

FW: US Department of Labor Reminds Specific Employers to Submit Required 2020 Injury and Illness Data by March 2, 2021

2020 Emails

FW: Important Information Regarding the ABCMS

FW: Medicaid Beneficiary Portal

FW: Provider Contracting Deadline for Inclusion in Open Enrollment and Auto-Enrollment

FW: Medicaid Managed Care Provider Update

FW: Upcoming Virtual Respiratory Protection Program Training Opportunities

SPICE Infection Control in Long Term Care Facilities

Reminder: Influenza Vaccine Requirements for ACH/FCH Residents & Employees

IMPORTANT—Information about Resident Absentee Voting from the NC State Board of Elections

Andrea Harris Social, Economic, Environmental, and Health Equity Task Force

FW: Stakeholder Announcement - August 27, 2020

FW: ACH Hurricane Preparedness & COVID-19

ACH/FCH Emergency Preparedness—NOW is the time!

Happy Nurses Week!

Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 3-8

Senior Living FastMatch

Class of 2020 Job Fair

Workforce Development Resources

Do Your Residents Need Assistance Voting?

N.C. Automated Background Check Management System

Comprehensive Independent Assessment Entity Announcement

Did You Know That You Must Include Your Employee Identification Number When Submitting OSHA Form 300A?

2019 Emails

Tailored Care Management – Draft Provider Manual

DHHS Suspends Implementation of Managed Care

Final Rule: Overtime Update

Medicaid Providers: QiReport Provider Interface Update - Expedited Assessment

Measles in Guilford and Caring for Vaping-related Injury

Medicaid Transformation Update - Open Enrollment Extension

Tools and Resources for Medicaid Managed Care

Update on CON Legislative Action 06/21/2019

NC Medicaid Transformation Seven-Year Forecast

NC Health Information Exchange Authority | NC HealthConnex | February Update

Stakeholder Call RE: Prepaid Health Plans for Medicaid Managed Care

Activity Professional Training in 2019

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