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NCALA Training Schedule

Training dates will be added throughout each year. Check this page often for updated schedules and course offerings.

If you have questions regarding training, or would like to request a specific training, please contact us. Do you need training on a topic that you do not see here? Let us know!

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2022 NCALA Training Schedule
Date Training CEUs Location
Administrator Certification Program
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NA Online
Webinar: Resident Engagement = Resident Retention
This session will focus on the importance of resident tracking in senior living communities and is designed to educate staff on technology and various resources to track residents to maintain resident engagement and retention. With a focus on technology, interventions, and overall resident retention, attendees will leave this session feeling motivated and assured of ways to track residents.
12:00 pm–1:00 pm
Presented by Keira Duffy, MS, OTR/L
33 Health
Regsiter Online: Members (FREE) | Non-members ($25)
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Administrator Certification Program
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NCALA Spring Conference
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Administrator Certification Program
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Administrator Certification Program
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2021 NCALA Fall Conference & Trade Show
15+ Benton Convention Center
Winston-Salem, NC
Administrator Certification Program
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NCALA issues no refunds for training. A credit will be applied to your future training purchases if notice of non-attendance is received by NCALA before the class date.

Administrator Certification Program

What You Will Find Below:

Program Information

The DHSR-approved 120-hour NCALA Administrator Certification Program comprises 2 days of classroom training (15 hours + 5 hours for individual study) followed by 100 hours of on-the-job training (OJT) with your preceptor. We ask our prospective Administrator-in-Training (AIT) students to have a preceptor willing to conduct their 100 hours of OJT before they apply to be in the NCALA program. NCALA cannot promise any AIT student a preceptor.

The cost of the NCALA Administrator Certification Program is $795 for NCALA Members and $1,095 for non-members. The cost for Family Care Home Administrator Approval is $895.

Step One: To get started, please visit DHSR’s Web page on Assisted Living Administrator Certification Requirements and Guidelines.

Please pay special attention to the education requirements and the background check requirement. It is your responsibility to ensure your own compliance with these requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, and therefore cannot be certified, there will be NO REFUND of fees paid to NCALA!


Step Two: Apply to be in the NCALA Administrator Certification Program (you will need to create an account if you do not already have one):

If you are unable to register online, here is a paper form that you can fax to us.

State Rules Exam

Step Three: The administrator exam is one of the requirements for becoming certified as an assisted living administrator or approved as a family care home administrator. Please note that this exam is not the only requirement for becoming a certified or approved administrator. You can find information—including exam schedules, locations, and the registration form—on the DHSR Web site.

Step Four: Submit all required documentation to DHSR.

Rules and General Statutes

Preceptor Materials

For Preceptors Only: AIT Preceptor guidelines, required paperwork, and Qualifications & Responsibilities are below. There, you will also find instructions on how to become a preceptor for the NCALA AIT Program.

Preceptor Qualifications and Responsibilities

The qualifications and responsibilities for preceptors participating in the NCALA Administrator Certification Program are outlined in this document.

How Do I Become a NCALA AIT Preceptor?

To become a preceptor for the NCALA AIT Program, be sure that you meet the qualifications and that you can handle the responsibilities outlined here. Then, simply call NCALA at (919) 467-2486 and have a 5-minute conversation with Frances Messer, the NCALA President & CEO. That is all there is to it!

OJT Documentation

Please use the following forms to document OJT hours:

Sample Exercises

Sample exercises for you to use while precepting your AITs (these are suggestions and examples; you are not required to use them):

If you have any problems with these documents, please contact us.

What past attendees say about the NCALA Administrator Certification Program:

“I was really impressed by the useful information and quality of presenters. It is clear that NCALA cares deeply about the success of our business, and I am grateful to have you as a resource!”
“I’m so impressed with your organization, the level of knowledge and care that you and your staff gives to us. I have taken many seminars and your company—by far—has been stellar!”
“… I enjoyed the AIT course and training. It was a tremendous opportunity to combine classroom training and hands-on field experience to get a great overview of rules and operations in North Carolina. You were so available for my questions, and my preceptor was a great support and teacher … I thank you for a wonderful experience!”
“I thought that it was a great class … a very informative program and an awesome group of strong leaders. I truly enjoyed it and was able to take a lot away!”


Other Training

Assisted Living Activity Professional Training Class: 2021-2022 classes available (online training). Please see the brochure for additional info and registration form.

The Green House Project webinar series: These webinars seek to break the boundaries of traditional senior living models to create truly person-centered environments with expertise and thought leadership that is both provocative and grounded in reality.

NC AHEC Webinars: These Reoccurring Webinar Series are available and come with CEs. Many COVID-19 topics, as well as a few other topics, are available.

Statewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology (SPICE) - Long Term Care